Cisco APJC came to us with the challenge of accelerating the adoption of the APJC Refresh the Network Program and to expand partner knowledge base. To deliver on this objective, we developed a partner program portal with a gamification layer to encourage participation and enable education.



First we had to understand the behaviour of the different types of persona’s we would have on the site (killers, achievers, socialites and explorers) and ensure all our incentives will have the right feedback to motivate them to participate. We developed a points based system with levels in which users have to learn about the RTN process, to earn points.



As the user accrues points, they are then able to redeem them through the Cisco Connect Rewards scheme – which is an online catalogue where users can purchase using their points.



The site is a complex integration of custom modules and pre-existing Cisco infrastructure, while still retaining a beautiful UI.

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