22 Year Old With a Digital Business in 36 Countries

Team Aspricot

Ishan Vyas has been doing computer programming pretty much since 3rd grade but got super interested in web designing when he found a book in his school library on how to build a website. When he was in 9th grade he figured out that he could register a domain for Rs. 200 and can then become a domain reseller for around 1800. That was when Ishan was so fascinated with this plan and decided to go ahead with it. Here’s the story of a young lad changing the game.

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How a 22-year-old from Indore paved his way to a multi-million dollar business and Hollywood

Team Aspricot

When most kids his age were busy hunting for relics or playing counter strikes on video games, playing around with WordPress designs landed 14-year-old Ishan Vyas his first website design project of Rs 3,500. This was in year 2008 when most companies did not have computers but wanted a web address on their business cards. By the time he was 21, Ishan had bootstrapped his startup Aspricot in Indore with zero capital. Today with a presence in 36 countries, an office in Hollywood and a valuation of USD 2 million, Aspricot is steadily changing the norms of website development and design industry by its uncompromising standards.

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