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Lukewarm is boring. We would rather be hot or completely cold. Aspricot has always been a tough company brimming with hot ideas from the day one. And for good reason. We believe we cannot deliver flawless digital products unless we have a rocky tough ground to stand on.

The Aspricot (Un) Rule Book

Right from the recruitment to induction and training, each employee learns to earn all the three:

  1. Respect for Aspricot
  2. Pride in one’s work
  3. Respect for oneself

When you step into Aspricot, one of the first things that you notice is we are process-driven and extremely methodical. What makes us so tough and interesting at the same time? Check out the Rule Book:


Know rules before breaking them

Thanks to Startup culture, most people think breaking rules is a norm. Cliches such as ‘think outside the box’ often amuse us. One of the biggest lessons you will learn at Aspricot is we know exactly which rules are worth breaking and which ones will add to creativity.

We never ever compromise

Our clients love us for our uncompromising attitude. You will learn to have a lot of equipoise at Aspricot. You will see Team Aspricot throwing a beloved idea in the dust bin with a blink of an eye because it didn’t work for the client. We love our work but don’t fall too much in love with ideas, designs, copy. We believe nothing should be more addictive than delivering the best without bending.

Many ways, one purpose

We try everything every way but stick to what works. We were only into website development. We stepped into digital products and apps and now it’s virtual reality and Wearables. Try not to have strong opinions or perspectives. Be flexible and open to learning.

We improve everyday

At Aspricot, now’s the buzz word. Why wait for tomorrow to execute a new resolution? Why not start now? Aspricot members are always ready to challenge and get challenged. They take criticism with a pinch of salt and forget praises over a hang-over. We believe in NOW.

We look at the bigger picture

We are building digital products strategy. We are building digital kingdoms for our clients. We expect you to look at the bigger picture when you come in. We don’t indulge in small arguments, we look at the big debate. We don’t fret over a little hurdle today, we focus on the big results of tomorrow.


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